Haploidentical family donors with special respect to minors as donors

Contents of the workshop Haploidentical family donors with special respect to minors as donors

Hepatic Veno Occlusive Disease (VOD) for Nurses

A comprehensive e-learning programme on the nurses’ role in management of hepatic VOD.

This interactive, patient case-based e-learning programme made of 6 learning modules provides educational best practice podcasts, expert videos, and downloadable materials for practical use. This e-learning has been fully funded and developed by Jazz Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with EBMT and an international steering committee led by by Michelle Kenyon, Consultant Nurse, King's College Hospital, London, UK and John Murray, Nurse Clinician, Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK.

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Midterm Focus Meeting on Non-Malignant Diseases

In this e-course, you can find the contents from the Midterm Focus Meeting on Non-Malignant Diseases Event.

This e-course covers several topics such as sickle cell disease, Fanconi anemia and DBA; immune dysregulation, non SCID PIDs, inherited metabolic disorders, complications and outcomes, overlap of bone marrow failure and PID, and thalassemia, as well as a special keynote lecture on hemochromatosis and iron metabolism.

PDWP Webinars Course

In this course, you can find the webinars organized by the Paediatric Diseases Working Party during 2021.

Physician webinars ecourse

In this e-course you have the recorded version of the live webinars that EBMT has done.

Physicians Webinars e-course 2021

In this e-course are included all the webinars addressed to physicians during 2021.



Virtual Annual Meeting 2020

Contents from the Annual Meeting 2020

Virtual Annual Meeting 2021

Contents from the Annual Meeting 2021